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Our friendly Service Team is always pleased to see you and your Volkswagen.


The Service Team at Volkswagen Waterloo is always pleased to see you and your Volkswagen. Our Service Manager Brad Reinhart has been with Volkswagen Waterloo since the early 1980s. His vast experience and knowledge serves our clients well.


Dave Rich, Brooklynn Hergott, and Mike Ritchie are our friendly Service Advisors who assist our clients by offering sound advice to keep your Volkswagen running smoothly. Both Dave and Mike are long time employees and have won awards for their dedication to Customer Satisfaction.


Our Warranty Administrator, Kathleen Randell, diligently looks after our clients’ warranty claims.  Katelyn Fehrenbach completes our front line team.  As our Customer Care Coordinator, Katelyn looks after client data, among other duties as Administrative Assistant to the Controller.


We're extremely proud of our team of technicians. Everyone of them is certified through Volkswagen, and both Mike Ritchie and Gary Buchanan have achieved Master Level Certification. A special mention to Kevin Reeve who, among 885 participants placed in the top 5 nationally in the Volkswagen Retail World Championship contest in 2012.


When waiting for your car to be serviced, enjoy a coffee or cold beverage and take advantage of our free Wi-Fi network! The password is posted right under the TV. Should you require some work space and privacy while waiting, we offer a desk in the showroom with a power connection.


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VW Waterloo Service Department



Our Workshop


Some time ago our service workshop received an update to improve efficiency to get you and your car on your way as fast as possible with the job done right. The overhaul included new work benches with built in laptop stations, tool organizers, fluorescent lighting, and a fresh coat of paint. We shopped for a new bench and tool box system and found a suitable supplier in Nelson; the same outfit Porsche uses for their workshops. The result is amazing. Our old shop was literally transformed in to a modern, hi-tech facility. The technicians were involved in the design, layout of the benches, and have adjusted well to the new shop environment.


To further improve efficiency we installed battery maintainers at the workstations. These prevent the battery from going dead when working on cars with the electrical systems powered up. Airlines and trouble lights are now all positioned overhead and power outlets are away from the walls preventing tripping over cables and lines.


The shop is airconditioned for the comfort of our technicians on hot summer days. Plus we have equipped the workshop with an air extraction system that automatically activates fans to extract and replace the air in the shop should pollution levels rise above the acceptable limit.


On your next visit ask for a tour. We will be happy to show you our workshop.            


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